About Amanda


My grandpa said to me, “It must be nice to sit at home and draw all day”, to which I replied, “Yes, it is”.  Except on my sad clown days.  That’s a thing, right?

Amanda El-Dweek is a cartoonist living in western North Dakota with her husband Dan, and two cats – Toonces and Ric Flair (or, “Richard W. Flair” when he is in trouble, which is all the time).  She has been drawing cartoons since she was a small child.  Her grandmother kept her first drawing – complete with the artist’s signature – pressed between the pages of her Good News Bible, and eventually had it laminated.  Maybe someday it will be lauded in art history books, but probably not, because it’s just a bunch of lines that look like rounded W’s.

Amanda thinks it’s difficult to talk about herself in the third person, but she’s too Midwestern to really make a stink about it.

She is thankful on a daily basis for her husband Dan.  It was at Dan’s (gentle? loving?) urging to actually SIT DOWN AND ACTUALLY START DRAWING A COHESIVE COMIC STRIP in order to send it away to some syndicates.  She discovered the Sherpa package on GoComics.com that would give her some incentive to actually produce a comic strip on a (semi) regular basis.  She discussed it with Dan (because it cost, and financial decisions are not her milieu, let’s say), and he said, “Sold, cash American”.  Or, that’s how legend has it.

Let us not forget the long-suffering parents of the artist.  Many notebooks, sketchbooks, reams of paper, scrap paper, pens, pencils, a drafting table (which she still uses today), comic books, comic collections, other sundries needed to create, and encouragement were given to her, and she will never be able to repay this debt.  And since we’re on the subject…

…Amanda owes her parents 5,780 miles of ink.