Here are some things.

I’m not good at posting on a regular basis – I apologize to all three of you – but here are some items of note that I’d like to pass along to you, dear reader:

  • My friend Pat Sandy did a 10 Questions with Tom interview, and you can read it here.  He is a talented guy (to put it mildly), and also super nice.  It’s nice to be nice.
  • Zima is coming back for a limited time in June – or that’s what I am to understand. I was late to the party in college to drink this refreshing clear beverage. A gal who owned a bar we went to actually called me Zima because I think I was the only person who ordered it. Ah, to be twenty-two again. I’m glad I’m not, though.
  • Dan and I listened online to a priest’s talk the other day about gratitude. The best talks are the ones that are the hardest to listen to, inasmuch as they point out some hard truths about our lives. I admit, I focus a lot on what I do not have, instead of what I do have. Why I do that, I can’t say. I’ll work on it.

It’s here if you’d like to listen to it.

(I went from Zima to priest in .08 seconds.)

  • I got to visit GoComics in Kansas City this past month!  Dan happened to have a CLE there, and I figured I’d tag a long and meet my editor and everyone there – it was as cool as I thought it would be.  This is the photo I took right outside of the Andrews-McMeel Universal building:

Banner at GoComics

  • I know I’m behind on Shelly Fire episodes – I’m trying to catch up on Amanda the Greats, but I find ways to get behind (such as travel, and life in general). I want to create a larger buffer of comics so I can work on my other stuff – I guess I should get off of here and get going on that!

Until we meet again.

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