If my bedroom was set up like my office, I could sleep better.


This is the comic that ran today on GoComics.  I do a comic now and then where I joke about being tired, or sleeping at work.

I assure you, in real life, I have never slept at any length at work (I HAVE, though, shut my eyes for a minute, and then snapped awake).  I joke about it because I’m a merry jester.

There were many days where I would have paid my co-workers a million dollars apiece to look the other way while I took a nap, but those are checks I can’t write.

I wonder what it was about my desk that made me so tired?  I’ve laid in my comfortable bed at home, wide awake – but my uncomfortable office chair seemed to have the same effect as chugging Benadryl.

Someone research that and get back to me.  I have to take a nap.

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