Blog Entry about a Blog Entry – Wow!


I wish my brain would remember important things, and not stupid things like that joke about the string walking into the bar and the punchline is, “I’m a frayed knot”.

That said, I forgot to post my interview on the GoComics Bloggy!  It’s the straight dope on the woman behind the comic.  It’s almost a month old, but still so fresh, so clean clean.

Also, if you ever want to read cartoonist interviews, there are a lot out there – but most notably, there is one site that features interviews from syndicated cartoonists as well as web cartoonists and Sherpa cartoonists!  Click here to read Basket Case – In Search of Good Webcomics.  Some folks I know have done interviews – check out Garey McKee, creator of Batch Rejection on GoComics!

In an unrelated note, guess who learned how to create links?

Happy reading!

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