Every comic ever is a lot of comics.

I recently read the interview someone did of a cartoonist, and the cartoonist said that he did not read other comics anymore.  In fact, I think I’ve read a similar sentiment of other cartoonists before.

They were previously inspired by other cartoonists, having read comics when they were younger.  But now because they draw comics, they no longer read other people’s comics – and for a variety of reasons, if memory serves.  It might be they don’t have time, or they don’t want to be influenced by anyone anymore.  Any number of things.

And I am not poo-pooing them – I’m just telling you what I read.

I read that right after I read my daily litany of comics.

So, I read other people’s comics.  I’m always going to read other comics.  It takes time out of my day, sure – time I could be drawing, writing, or self-promoting.  So my day of actual “working” starts a little later.  I don’t mind.  Maybe some folks don’t have the time.  That’s a real possibility, and they are not to be faulted.

But I’m also a cartoonist who makes comics, and even though I’d do it even if no one read them (which I did for about 33 years, if you minus from my real age the years where I couldn’t hold a pencil), my purpose is to entertain people.  That means they have to read the comics.  I’m people.  I read comics.  I also draw comics, ergo, I know that the comics need readers.  If someone needs to make a viable living from it, people need to either buy the newspapers, click on the websites, subscribe to the comics – you see where I am going.

And who better to love reading comics than the very people who draw them, and were influenced by them so long ago?

It’s hard to read all of the comics.  I’m not even sure how many there are out there, but I know it has to be more than I could read in one day.  But I read some.  I read the comics of the people who read my comics.  I read the comics of people who will never know me.  I read comics that I’ve been reading since I was young.  I hope to discover new comics!  I want to support the people who do what I do for a living, because I know how important it is.

Plus, I don’t have children, or a straight-job.  So really, I have the time.

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