Amanda the Great is moving from the Sherpa section to the Main Page of GoComics!

Yay!  But there’s more!

Amanda and Katie in office001.jpg
My co-worker Katie and I celebrating my big move!  Or was it something work-related from four years ago…?  I can’t be sure.

I’m tentatively set to move from the Sherpa section of GoComics to their main page sometime in the middle of November.  I will post the date when it’s set in stone.  For those of you who don’t know what the heck it is that I just said, I will explain!

GoComics is a website where there are so many comics it will make your head spin – but in a good way!  They have a feature called “Sherpa” – this is where amateur cartoonists can post their comic strip (with as much or as little frequency as they’d like) to receive feedback on their work.  I’ve been posting to Sherpa for almost two years now – I’ve met a lot of great, talented, and nice folks on there.  I’ve seen some make the big move to the main page, too!

Before I make the move, I will post some drawings and explanations of where I am going, where you can find me, and the new comic I will slide into the place of Amanda the Great.  I haven’t settled on a name for the new comic yet, though, I am pretty sure I know what it will end up being.

I’ve been working on the promotional stuff that I’ve been asked to create for when they promote my strip, and also still trying to keep up on doing strips for Amanda the Great, and trying to build up a bunch of strips for the new comic!  It’s a lot of work, but it isn’t hard work, and I enjoy it, so really – it’s not so bad.  In fact – I’d better get back to it!

Until we meet again…

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