Inktober 2017!

I only had a few Inktober drawings this year. I wanted to be super diligent and draw one every day, but we started the month out by being on the road, so that didn’t work out. And some other excuses about being busy.

You know how it goes.

A couple of the drawings, I used only black ink (no wash) – on Kirk and Dan. I liked how Kirk turned out, but the drawing of Dan (my husband) didn’t turn out like I had hoped. I used pointillism on Dan, and cross hatching on Kirk. I don’t think my pointillism game is very strong. Good to know, so I can improve.

Most were ink and ink wash, which is my preferred method. Only one was color – and that was black ink, some colored inks, and some paint.

I kind of enjoyed drawing extra things, other than my comic.

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Here are some things.

I’m not good at posting on a regular basis – I apologize to all three of you – but here are some items of note that I’d like to pass along to you, dear reader:

  • My friend Pat Sandy did a 10 Questions with Tom interview, and you can read it here.  He is a talented guy (to put it mildly), and also super nice.  It’s nice to be nice.
  • Zima is coming back for a limited time in June – or that’s what I am to understand. I was late to the party in college to drink this refreshing clear beverage. A gal who owned a bar we went to actually called me Zima because I think I was the only person who ordered it. Ah, to be twenty-two again. I’m glad I’m not, though.
  • Dan and I listened online to a priest’s talk the other day about gratitude. The best talks are the ones that are the hardest to listen to, inasmuch as they point out some hard truths about our lives. I admit, I focus a lot on what I do not have, instead of what I do have. Why I do that, I can’t say. I’ll work on it.

It’s here if you’d like to listen to it.

(I went from Zima to priest in .08 seconds.)

  • I got to visit GoComics in Kansas City this past month!  Dan happened to have a CLE there, and I figured I’d tag a long and meet my editor and everyone there – it was as cool as I thought it would be.  This is the photo I took right outside of the Andrews-McMeel Universal building:

Banner at GoComics

  • I know I’m behind on Shelly Fire episodes – I’m trying to catch up on Amanda the Greats, but I find ways to get behind (such as travel, and life in general). I want to create a larger buffer of comics so I can work on my other stuff – I guess I should get off of here and get going on that!

Until we meet again.

My 10 with Tom Falco Interview!

Tom Falco is a writer and cartoonist who has a blog (Tomversations) (I love the play on words), and also does interviews with folks on his 10 with Tom segment for the Huffington Post (you can view them here).

I stumbled upon his blog a while back, and he had written about some new comics he was reading and liked (here) – one of them was mine!  And I was in great company, too – if you click the link I provided, you’ll see some comics worth checking out!

He was kind enough to offer to interview me – pretty cool for an unknown like myself!  To read the interview, you can click here:  10 with Tom Amanda the Great

And check out GoComics often – there are always great new comics launching!

(Joseph had his coat of many colors, and I have a blog post with many links. I can’t help myself.)

Nicknames and Thangs.

In my comics, I am sometimes referred to as “Lucy”.  That is my family nickname that precedes my memory – as in, I don’t ever remember not being called Lucy.

I figured maybe folks would wonder about this, so I wanted to put that out there.  Might be a little confusing, as Amanda and Lucy are hardly related.

(It’s nicer than some things people have called me – haha!  But seriously.)

What a difference a year makes! But you knew that.


My Facebook memories reminded me that one year ago today, I sent off submission packets to five different syndicates.  One of those yielded feedback, which I heeded in order to make my comic better.  After drawing up enough strips to send off again, I resent in June (I believe), which was the winner.  That same syndicate editor that was so helpful with her feedback gave me the good news in August, and the rest is history.

Thank you for being a part of it by reading my comic.  You are appreciated!

If my bedroom was set up like my office, I could sleep better.


This is the comic that ran today on GoComics.  I do a comic now and then where I joke about being tired, or sleeping at work.

I assure you, in real life, I have never slept at any length at work (I HAVE, though, shut my eyes for a minute, and then snapped awake).  I joke about it because I’m a merry jester.

There were many days where I would have paid my co-workers a million dollars apiece to look the other way while I took a nap, but those are checks I can’t write.

I wonder what it was about my desk that made me so tired?  I’ve laid in my comfortable bed at home, wide awake – but my uncomfortable office chair seemed to have the same effect as chugging Benadryl.

Someone research that and get back to me.  I have to take a nap.

That’s high praise.

A gal that I went to high school with messaged me today and told me that my comic today made her laugh out loud (in real life, because she had prefaced it with “I’m glad I was working from home today because”).

If I can reach just ONE person…

Seriously, though.  Very lovely sentiment, and I hope my head doesn’t grow three sizes like the Grinch’s heart did.  My dad had mentioned once that, to keep me humble, he’d make me shovel out a barn or something, if needed.

So I’d better watch it.